My world of words

Sometimes it’s easy to find the right words. Dog. Cat. Tree.

But sometimes it can be harder. Just like in a Word Find puzzle; they’re always there, but take a little time to get to.

And that’s where I might be able to help.

Hello, I am a copywriter.

After almost a decade in marketing, words and I have become very close. We’ve spent many a day together, bringing ideas to life. And we’re now embarking on a freelance adventure of our own.

Together we’ve created press releases, magazine articles, training manuals, brand profiles, sales material, website content, Company profiles, product names, social media content and blog posts. Our professional experience is in B2B and B2C beauty but we’re also pretty savvy when it comes to other personal passions, like food, animals and fashion. We’re happy to get talking about anything really.

So if you have better things to do than negotiate with nouns or ponder variations on a verb, my words and I might be able to help you find just what you’re looking for.